Twnel is the business communication tool you were looking for, but you probably didn’t know you needed it…

Two in the morning and another generic question about the order of the week came to your WhatsApp. If you do not answer, you run the risk of affecting the image of your company in front of your allies. If only the answer could be automated.

Close your eyes and imagine having the possibility of having a communication tool that operates as efficiently as the control tower of the best airport in the world.

This is efficiency on a new level. Imagine now, that it is you who is in charge of airport operations.

Sounds chaotic right?

Don’t worry. In front of you is everything you need to coordinate operations, without the need to die trying. Repetitive messages and inquiries about the status of orders, accounts or other operation related issues during non-working hours remain in the past.

Open your eyes.

If I tell you that you can now coordinate your company’s operations as the airport control tower, would you believe me?

I can bet that on a normal day you have to coordinate the sales team and verify that they fulfill their work. In turn, you must be aware that suppliers comply with purchase orders, among other things.

The army of agents answering calls is no longer enough and conversations on WhatsApp and emails begin to accumulate and are difficult to control. ARRRR. I hear your frustration.

The only tool that your allies need to solve these problems and to make decisions that optimize the operations in your company is a cell phone. Coordinate all extended business members using the most common communication format in the world, Chat.

No, it is not another boring chat application where you can only make groups and send messages.

This tool, Twnel, has superpowers.

These powers are focused on one thing; making your team of allies more productive.

These are just some of the superpowers it has:

  1. Task automation through superbots (chatbots on steroids)
  2. Conversation management via tags
  3. Advanced metrics that allow you to make better decisions
  4. business units that allow assigning different superbots to your company’s allies according to their role.
  5. Different “touchpoints” that adapt to the ally’s needs – mobile app, “instant app” and web widget.
  6. “Integration” with SMS to handle invitations to download the Twnel App or the “insta” app (which does not require download) and other use cases.
  7. Classification of topics of your allies’ conversations with the control tower agents.

Is your chat capable of doing all that?

In the next articles, I cover each of those superpowers in more detail.

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Author: Natalia Pedroza

MSc in International Business & MSc in International Marketing candidate
from Hult International Business School.
Content Creator and Growth Strategist at Twnel
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