Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions

It is written T W N E L but it sounds like more and better communication with your allies.


What is Twnel?

The first time I heard of Twnel, the same thing happened to me that surely happens to others where they do not know how to pronounce the name of the company. It’s called Twnel and it sounds like Tunnel. The explanation that Carlos Sierra, the CEO, gave me is that a tunnel is the easiest way to connect two points and it makes a lot of sense once you understand what we are doing.

Our reason for being is to connect mobile first users of mobile telephony in the supply chains of companies, quickly and without distractions to make them more productive.

How do we do it?

To connect members of the supply chains of the largest companies in Colombia and the rest of the Americas, we use two tools from the Twnel Connect suite of solutions.

1- Twnel Messenger:

Ideal for allies in the supply chain who require a special channel through which they can contact your company’s service center constantly or collaborate with their colleagues through groups.

Through this downloadable version of Twnel, Allies can speak with an agent at the service center, report news or make automatic inquiries through our SuperBots, scan codes printed on the products to be distributed to notify your company of the location of the product. , among many other things.

It behaves like a modern messenger for exchanging messages of all kinds (text, audio, images, videos, locations and documents) using native push notifications to ensure that company messages always arrive at the right time.

Twnel Messenger

Twnel Web Messenger:

It is an ideal communication web application to facilitate the communication of Partners who are not willing to download an application and who occasionally want to be connected with the company. It is also ideal as a communication tool with end customers since it is easily accessible through an embedded link within your company’s website or integrated into the flow of a telephone IVR.

Where do the messages that are sent from Twnel Messenger and Twnel Web App go?

The great advantage of Twnel is that we are a full stack solution that does not require integrations with third parties with additional cost for your company. All the messages sent by allied members of the supply chain and customers through Twnel Messenger and Twnel Web App, arrive at what in Twnel we call the Chat Manager.

Our Chat Manager is one more tool in the Twnel suite of solutions that allows companies to manage their communications.

In companies, there may be personnel dedicated to answering questions and solving the problems of allies through emails, phone calls and in the worst case, through text messages on WhatsApp, Facebook or Telegram.

By using Twnel, that same company team has the ability to converse with dozens of allies at once, aided by Twnel’s SuperBots. As many of the tasks can be repetitive, SuperBots relieve agents of this burden so that they can attend to more important news that require the attention of a human.


What can be done from the Chat Manager?

What can be done within the Chat Manager and the rest of the suite’s tools is determined by the role of the people in the company.

Agent: They are the ones who talk and help solve the problems of clients and allies. They typically consist of a dedicated customer service and operations support service team. They have the ability to add users to the company’s central contact list, assign labels to segment them, archive messages according to a specific topic and send bulk messages to the segments they deem necessary without any restriction.

Administrator: They are those who occupy the position of supervisors of the agents within the company. For them, Twnel allows them to access Twnel Metrics to access information on agent service levels, waiting times, number of conversations over time, number of connected agents. It also allows them to evaluate, according to the classification topic used by the agents, which theme is repeated most frequently to determine if there is a business process that can be automated through a SuperBot.

Super Administrators: They are those with the ability not only to create agents, upload contacts, evaluate metrics and interact with users. This role also allows you to configure the company profile, from the settings tool, assign contacts to agents, develop and deploy SuperBots to any audience.

Roles dentro del Chat Manager de Twnel

What can Twnel SuperBots do?

There are more than 1,000 companies globally using the Twnel suite of solutions.

We like to think that there aren’t many limits to what SuperBots can do. They are not the bots of a conventional platform that supports ChatBots, by supporting various input Types and integrating through platform APIs to third-party databases, they are able to read, extract and store information from simple systems such as Google Sheets up to more complex systems such as your company’s CRM or ERP.

The following are some of the applications in various industries such as:

Transport and logistics

  • QR code scanning for shopkeepers to order without the need for a street vendor.
  • Report of arrival and departure from the warehouse of the carriers that distribute the products
  • Geolocation of both the boxes (by tracking the scanning of the QR code) and the transport trucks to correct delivery addresses, evaluate alternative delivery routes, among others.
  • Training of vehicles in the process of loading and unloading products in the warehouse


CPG industry and direct sales

  • Sending photos with the click of a button showing the state of the counters.
  • Update by means of an automated questionnaire of the inventory status of each point of sale. (The required database is fed with said information to be analyzed)
  • Geolocation of sales teams geographically distributed through the location reported by your cell phone.
  • Taking orders, validation of personal data and account statements.

      Public services and telecommunications

      • Record of arrival of technicians to residences or commercial establishments to make the pertinent reviews or facilities supported by geolocation.
      • Validation of personal data of clients, payment statuses of public services and fulfillment of collection requirements.
      • Coordination of sales teams for mobile phone and internet plans that are geographically distributed.
      Industris Twnel

      Who makes the SuperBots?

      Twnel has a team of world-class experts distributed throughout the world, whose objective is to make our solution have the ability to make people within companies more productive, and they can scale their operations in an agile way.

      Recently, we launched a Bot Framework and we are about to launch a visual Bot Builder that allows companies to assume the role of Bots developers and customize them to the measure and need of their operations.

      The world is going through a period of digitization. However, we are aware that many entrepreneurs do not have the programming experience required to develop a Bot from scratch. This is why technology companies have adopted the “low code” mentality and Twnel is no exception.

      Developers within several companies are already using the available documentation to build their own SuperBots. In the coming months, we will release the next version of our Bot Framework that would allow teams with less programming experience to build SuperBots within Twnel intuitively and visually.

      With all this…

      What do companies gain that use the entire Twnel suite of solutions called Twnel Connect?


      • Productivity of your SAC agents (customer service)
      • Control in communications and preferential treatment with suppliers and customers
      • Synchronization with existing databases to reduce service times and increase everyone’s satisfaction
      • Better relationship with customers and suppliers through an agile channel and instant communication
        Best service
      • Scalability in your operations
      • Flexibility
      • Control, restricting the use of social networks for business communication matters, allowing the sending of promotional messages, perfect for the medicine, liquor and cigarette industry, where the use of WhatsApp as a communication channel is prohibited.

      If you want to see the solutions applied to the needs of your company, you can schedule a call with an expert in your industry when it suits you best.