Kidnapped by WhatsApp: What options do we have?

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I recently met with my team to discuss the relevance of a headline such as “Is your company being hijacked by WhatsApp?

At that time I must confess that I was one of those who strongly opposed the use of the word kidnapping to refer to the feeling of dependence of the millions of Latin American businessmen who use WhatsApp as a work tool.

However, it took only a couple of minutes on Twitter yesterday to realize that entrepreneurs do feel cornered, forced to continue using a tool and to depend on it to generate income.

I thought that those who would raise their voices first would be those micro-entrepreneurs who use WhatsApp to coordinate with clients and use Facebook and Instagram as a commercial showcase.

To my surprise, it was not only them who were affected by the global crash of WhatsApp.

Our hypothesis of more than 5 years was finally verified.

Even large companies suffered millions in losses by not being able to operate their logistics, since they handle it through WhatsApp groups.

Large companies were left unable to manage product deliveries, which at their scale can be anywhere from millions in merchandise to tons of steel and cement.
Normally these types of companies usually coordinate the deliveries and problems they encounter along the way, notifying those in charge through WhatsApp.

I invite you to think about the degree of chaos and the millions that entrepreneurs lost yesterday for not reaching their deliveries, presenting problems along the way and not being able to notify them.

What options we have?

Some of the comments I saw yesterday on Twitter were based on saying that there are no other options, because everyone knows how to use WhatsApp.

And that is where the problem lies.

Believing that because we know how to use WhatsApp, or we simply get used to it, it is the only option we have to manage business operations and processes, is a serious mistake.

What people know how to use is not WhatsApp. It is the format that taught us to use WhatsApp, instant messaging or chats.

When we understand that what is really useful is the instant messaging format, we can open ourselves to knowing solutions that use this format, but that are created exclusively for companies. They also promote their productivity, even allowing to automate processes using this same format.

The only solution that uses a combination of instant messaging and automations is Twnel.

While companies continue to be hijacked using WhatsApp and have to integrate it with more services to manage conversations and even build bots, in Twnel companies such as Frubana, Chiper, Softys, Bavaria and even Grupo Sura were saved yesterday from chaos by using Twnel as a solution all in one. 

They can build automations and deploy them in Twnel Messenger to hundreds of thousands of allies such as drivers, vendors, shopkeepers and merchants, while from the control tower, agents can support the operation in an organized way.

Please ask yourself the question
Was your operation at risk from relying on a solution that was not designed to support your business?

If the answer is yes,

A 30 minute call could save your company millions.

Schedule your appointment now to explore how Twnel can free your business from WhatsApp.

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