Twnel is the ideal tool for enterprises

To communicate in real-time with their partners and associates.

Twnel can be
extremely beneficial
in most industries



Especially industries with an extended supply chain includes contractors and subcontractors visiting salespeople, distribution networks for example truck drivers and others.


Product Goods

CPG companies typically have extended supply chains that involve vendors who visit convenience stores and others -pharmacies, beauty salons and more, as well as distribution partners -inmates and/or contractors and/or subcontractor and other partners.

Effective and Efficient

communication among all participants in the extended supply chain has been problematic in the CPG industry so far.

Companies such as Bavaria (AB InBev), P&G and Unilever are some of the CPG companies that already use Twnel.



Insurance companies provide many services that require the deployment and coordination of contractors and subcontractors in the field.

For example

Some car insurers offer assistance on the road and need to coordinate services to help drivers in trouble or send lawyers to accident scenes and more.

Logistics and Transportation

This industry is based on a distributed and mobile workforce that needs to coordinate its work permanently. Twnel is the best way to do it, since it can have real-time communications with the coordinating team, as well as the appropriate automation mechanisms and bots to record deliveries and other events.

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