How to Create Custom Quick Response Templates

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Some companies have a help desk of advisers or agents whose job it is to coordinate daily operations with drivers, delivery men and other allies of the companies.

Every day they have to face thousands of incoming conversations that do not wait.

The personalized rapid response templates help these advisors or agents depending on how they are told in your company to respond faster to the drivers and allies of your operation.

Likewise, they allow you to give personalized attention without having to write greetings, farewells or other messages that you must use frequently.

Although the template includes the name of the driver and information regarding an order, it was not written by Oscar, the advisor, it was only programmed so that pressing “/” and typing hello in the Twnel Chat Manager will show you all this information to the driver who is asking for help.

If you are an advisor or agent in a company within Twnel, follow these steps to create your template.

1- Enter Twnel with your registered user

Once inside, enter the configuration instance or settings by clicking on the icon in the lower left of your screen.

Once in the settings screen you will see some options at the top of your screen. Press profile and on the screen you will see a line with the title “templates”. Press the + symbol on the right side of the screen.

2- Create your template

A new window will open asking you to name the template and compose a message.

In this case I will create a template to quickly reply to drivers who had made the request to cancel an order, and are waiting for the company to confirm that the order was canceled and they can continue their journey.

With that in mind, we’ll name this template “canceled” so that we can recognize it within our template list.

Now we will add the message that will be sent to the driver.

As in this case we want to customize it, we must add auto-fill fields, so that no matter who we talk to, Twnel always answers with the name of the driver and the order number that was canceled.

I leave you this template so that you can copy and paste it in your Twnel profile. You can make the changes you need, just remember not to change the customizable variables.

Thank you for contacting us $ {name: friend}, we confirm that the order $$ {1} was successfully canceled. You can continue with your delivery route.

By pressing the add button it will be added to your profile and therefore you will be able to use it in your conversations with Twnel users.

3- Use your template

To use your templates you just have to go to a conversation you have with a user. Inside your text box write “/” followed by the name of your template, in this case “canceled”.

Other templates used by agents in Twnel from other companies are:

Greeting template: (/ greeting)

Hello, $ {name: friend} my name is Natalia, your agent, how can I help you?

Closure template: (/ closure)

$ {name: friend} it was a pleasure to help you, thank you for contacting us. Have a great rest of the day.

Add as many templates as you need, you can save time while looking for the information that allies need and you will always give a fast and quality service.

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