Who Are The Hunters And Farmers In A Sales Team?

If you are wondering what are hunters  and farmers  in the context of sales, in this article I explain what functions each of these characters have within sales teams, how to make them more productive and some real examples of companies using these roles.

The Hunters 

These types of sellers are known as hunters for their great ability to identify new business opportunities. Their motivation and tactical vision allow them to make a greater amount of sales.

The hunters or hunters of the companies must have a great knowledge of the business and also a special sensitivity to listen and solve the problems of the prospects.

The Farmers 

Farmers or farmers are another type of vendor who, unlike hunters, are dedicated to building a relationship with their customers and are ideal for building customer loyalty. Farmers work by cultivating their sales based on building a personal relationship with customers.

How to increase the productivity of farmers and hunters?
Farmers and hunters week begins very early in the morning with a group dynamic where goals for the week are set. The hunters are then assigned to a list of clients to visit that are distributed throughout the city.

Likewise, farmers are assigned to certain clients with whom a relationship has already been established and their job is to take a tour of the city, visiting them to make sure that there are no problems with the product and that the client is satisfied.

Since in both cases they must travel long distances throughout the city, it is very important to provide them with the tools so that they not only make all the visits to which they were assigned, but also that they can report problems and correct customer data. in real time.

Twnel helps companies with teams of farmers and hunters distributed in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Ecuador.

The biggest problem that hunters and farmers find is the inability to report news in real time, correct information and even optimize their route in a way that makes more use of their day.

Today, there are still companies that use WhatsApp and phone calls to coordinate the operation of farmers and hunters. However, it is chaos because when ordering the operation by zones, each zone ends up being a WhatsApp group and there are usually more than 50 members. All of this makes communication a headache.

As if that were not enough, the archaic system of using WhatsApp does not allow knowing the location of hunters and farmers, nor does it allow them to automatically correct, for example, customer addresses, order orders etc …

For those teams there is Twnel.

Twnel allows farmers and hunters of companies that sell mass consumer products to report news in real time, correct addresses (and update information in external systems or databases) as well as allowing them to measure travel and service times, using the format universal instant messaging that everyone already knows (without learning curves) and giving order to that number of conversations and requests that are generally resolved through WhatsApp groups.

Frubana sales team

What kind of companies do hunters and farmers have?

The hunters and farmers model works very well in a variety of industries. However, there are two companies that managed to adapt the model and scale their sales force successfully to operate in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil without complications and having a real-time view of what is happening at all times.

On the one hand, Frubana, a Colombian company that markets and distributes fruits, vegetables, and groceries to restaurants and was also recognized as one of the most innovative companies in the world, connected its network of Mexican, Brazilian and Colombian sales forces to via Twnel.

On the other hand, Chiper, who recently raised $ 53 million and is on the verge of becoming the new Latin American unicorn that is dedicated to supplying neighborhood stores (changarros), uses Twnel to measure and optimize travel and service times of your farmers and hunters and will soon try a way to optimize the routes of your sales force so that they are more efficient.

Other companies that could benefit from Twnel in the use case (feel free to contact us if you are interested) 

Superfüds, FitHub, Robinfood, Tuplaza, Justo, Lysto, Kavak and Tül …