What Are The Benefits Of Route Planning

Some benefits of route planning include the preservation of resources, increased driver retention, and improved customer satisfaction. This article will explain these benefits and how to incorporate route planning into your daily operations. 

If your company delivers products or services chances are that people are driving through the city and making multiple stops to get to your clients. Most of the time, companies will plan the daily routes by hand or based on the experience of who is performing the route. Doing so creates an optimization problem that affects transportation, customer acquisition costs, and even harms the environment. 

Twnel customers have found that after implementing a routing optimization system they can deliver 80% more goods and services while reducing costs. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of implementing a route planning system: 

  • Increased driver retention 

Lately, hiring drivers has become a challenge for companies. That is why the retention of those highly skilled and well-trained drivers is key for a company’s success. Some of the reasons behind driver churn are stress and disorganization. 

Route planning can increase driver retention by reducing the stress of creating a route or thinking about dangerous zones to avoid. Moreover, when an optimized route is provided, they can finish their tasks faster leaving room in their day to arrive home earlier. 

  • Increased customer satisfaction 

Inefficient routes can affect your delivery times. To create an optimized route, you need to consider a couple of different things such as traffic, truck capacity, rush hours, client-preferred arrival windows, and even the driver’s safety. A little setback in any of the mentioned will create a delay in the schedule and problems with your customers. 

By optimizing your routes, your company will be able to deliver the goods and services on time every time. 

  • Environmentally friendly 

Without proper route optimization, trucks and field staff can make multiple stops driving more miles than necessary which increased CO2 production and increases the carbon footprint for your company. When optimizing a route systems like Twnel routing can create shorter routes or larger ones with fewer vehicles to be more environmentally friendly. 

  • Reduction in transportation costs 

Thoughtful route planning reduces drive time, which in turn decreases fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs. 

Twnel Routing can help your company benefit from route optimization while also providing full visibility of the operation through a control tower.