You cannot
what you
can’t measure. 

Twnel Metrics allows you to visualize service levels and identify automation opportunities 


Do you know how long does it take your agents to answer your partners and collaborators when they need them? 

Stop wondering and start measuring! 



  • Conversation per unit of time in the selected time range in total and average
  • Days – Weeks – Months


Waiting Time


  • Time to be attended by an agent
  • Time of service


Active Agents and Partners


  • More active agents and partners


Measuring business performance and adjusting
the strategy using key metrics gives you  a competitive advantage.


That’s why we help companies with a big networks of partners measure the engagement activity. 


Twnel also help your company derive useful information that can help you improve existing business processes and discover new sources of efficiency.


By giving them a clear view of how they interact and connect with your company.