They Create Chatbots For The World’s Biggest Companies

Juan Paladines and Juan Carlos Rubio are computer engineers from the Universidad de la Sabana and 9 months ago they took on the challenge of developing chatbots on Twnel, an American software company based in Boston.

Don’t be fooled by its jovial appearance. These two engineers have developed different conversational automations for renowned companies in the insurance sector and for monitoring equipment maintenance in financial institutions.

The ”Juanes” as they are known in the team, joined the Twnel product team and from Bogotá they coordinate with team members in the United States and Spain to build flows that allow companies like Sapco to monitor the delivery of Covid Kits to the policyholders of Grupo Sura throughout Colombia.

Its most recent development was for Comware, who were looking for a solution that would allow them to automate the reporting and monitoring of the maintenance process for Banco Agrario de Colombia equipment.

Today, Comware maintenance technicians can go to the different offices of the Agrarian Bank and report each step of the equipment maintenance, leaving as a record a certificate signed by the office directors. As if that were not enough, thanks to the flow of displacement in which Rubio worked, technicians can report news in their movement across town, and notify those interested of their arrival at the job site.

When speaking with the “Juanes” they told us that their experience in Twnel has allowed them to have more contact with customers, in order to know their point of view and how it affects the product.

During one of the implementations “we had the opportunity to sit down not only with the management, but also to train and receive feedback from the users, which allowed us to make improvements in the flow, so that it was much more intuitive for them” says Juan Paladines remembering calls with technicians, delivery men and drivers who are Twnel users.

For his part, Juan Rubio told us that the mentoring of the team and especially Jonathan Valencia, CTO of Twnel, has allowed him to update his knowledge of infrastructure and use of Google Apps Scripts to ensure that the superbots he builds store the data collected in a spreadsheet in the cloud.

Now that they have developed and implemented superbots for renowned companies in Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil, they will take on the challenge of helping the team with the maintenance of the platform, and the development of tests of Twnel Messenger, the tool part of the Twnel solutions suite. that allows allies to carry companies such as Frubana, Chiper, Sura, and AB InBev among others, in their pocket.