Our Mission

We are empowering mobile first workers around the world by automating processes using their phone

Why you should include your mobile first partners in your digital transformation process

In the next few years, more than 6 billion people will use smartphones to interact with the world around them.

We strongly believe that messaging will be the foundational technology for a wave of emerging and unstoppable interactions that will occur between connected individuals and companies across all industries.

We have seen how companies choose to use channels that were not designed to coordinate their operations and have put the privacy of the data that circulates in the hundreds of groups that were created at risk.

At Twnel we decided to change that and show you that by using the right solution you can increase productivity, regain control and improve the visibility of your company’s operations.

All by taking advantage of the fact that your collaborators and allies feel more comfortable with the instant messaging format.

Today achieving your dreams of process automation and improving the coordination of the operation is possible.

Our Why

With the dream of improving the productivity and competitiveness of companies present in emerging markets and empowering first-generation mobile allies who found their ideal work tool on their cell phones, Twnel was born in the classrooms of MIT in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

Today our HQ are still right in front of the classrooms where Twnel was born. However, the increasingly large team is made up of a group of world-class people distributed in 8 cities around the world from where they managed to impact more than 1,000 companies in the world, empowering more than 100,000 partners.