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Create your own automations with our visual Bot Builder and deploy them in minutes to your allies who use Twnel Messenger. Assist multiple collaborators at the same time from the Chat Manager and collect data on their response times and service levels with Twnel Metrics.

Facilities Services 

The problems

1. Staff members have problems checking in and out on time and the process involved calling their supervisors who then needed to make a physical report to communicate the time difference to HR. I

2. Companies in this industry don’t have enough supervisors to cover for all the clients and commute to each site to verify the quality of staff’s work.

3. Staff members come from all around the world and speak nearly 40 languages and dialects making them keep paper based reports in english is just frustrating for them and an inconvenience for managers that need to translate. 


The solution

1. Assist staff members when checking in and out with a bot that collects the timestamp and real time location and stores the data in a company data base or spreadsheet.

2. Assist supervisors by letting cleaners take pictures, video and audio evidence of the job done so that they don’t need to be present every single time. 

3. Assist staff members in the task of reporting by creating a bot that speaks their own language and stores the information collected in english for supervisors and managers to revise.  




The Problem

Auto insurers offering roadside assistance need to coordinate services to help troubled drivers or send lawyers to accident scenes. Coordinating personal chat assistance providers had become a headache.


The Solution

  • Control the bidding of support providers from the Twnel Chat Manager.
  • Automate service end reports from providers’ cell phones.
  • Automate the sending of documents and evidence of claims to be stored in the company’s database.

Logistics and Transportation

The Problem

Carrying out the traffic control process only by phone and using the vehicle’s TMS information exclusively lends itself to errors and deception, however, increasing the number of controllers to fulfill the work 24/7 is costly.

The Solution

  • Automation of the arrival and departure report from the loading point.
    Automated report with the geolocation of the vehicle.
  • Digitization of transport documents and vehicle and driver resume.
  • 24/7 support with fewer traffic control agents using the Chat Manager.