How To Reduce Cleaner Turnover Using Software

The number of janitorial services businesses in the U.S. grew at a rate of 5.7% per year from 2016 to 2021. However, the cleaning industry has an average turnover of 200%, so reducing this turnover rate is crucial for commercial cleaning companies in the US. 

Turnover in commercial cleaning companies affects not only hiring costs but they can potentially affect your company’s reputation and the consistency perception of your clients. There are three main reasons why staff members keep quitting and these are: 


  1. Not having the tools to perform their duties
  2. Not understanding certain company procedures which they end up thinking are unnecessary
  3. Lack of motivation due to a lack of control that promotes improvement and personal growth

There are different kinds of software that might help companies battle one or two of the reasons above, nonetheless, the commercial cleaning industry needs a specialized solution that tackles the turnover once and for all. 

In order to reduce cleaner turnover rates within your company with software you need to analyze what you are using to keep control of the operation. For instance do your cleaners have an adequate tool to clock in and out without interrupting their daily routine? 

When we talked to hundreds of supervisors and directors of operation they stated that one of the most important challenges they were facing was timekeeping. 

On the other hand, cleaners quit because they don’t understand some of the procedures and consider them time consuming and repetitive. The reason behind this is that people in this industry come from very different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures. Forcing them to perform checklists, send reports and write comments in English makes them uncomfortable. 

Twnel can help them understand what the company needs from them and make their reports and checklists in their own language, while storing all the data in English so that your company can analyze it. 

If the problem is motivation, your company might be lacking a way to control and reward staff members based on performance. 

Twnel can also help by collecting real time data about clock ins- clock outs, tasks performed, quality checks and more so you can have information about your top performers. 

Cleaner industry in the US

Twnel, a janitorial App that makes the difference 

Twnel is a SaaS, Software as a Service that helps commercial cleaning companies keep track of the daily operations with cleaners by combining the power of instant messaging ( to provide instant support) with the power of processes automation, which means,  no more forms and old school paper based charts. 

Are you ready to get an up-close look at how Twnel can improve your company’s turnover rate? Contact us for a free demo and let us show you the many benefits of Twnel for your commercial cleaning business.