How To Know If You Need A Routing System

There are many challenges in business operations. Route optimization is perhaps one of the most important, however, identifying the moment when the use of a routing system is necessary is not always clear.

In this article we show you the main symptoms that may indicate that your company is ready to implement a routing system to optimize your company’s deliveries and routes.

The following is a list of aspects to consider that may indicate that your company needs to optimize its routes.


You have your own or outsourced fleet dedicated to more than 50

In fleets or mobile teams of this size, the creation of routes becomes more complex as factors such as the capacity of the vehicles, the number of stops and the knowledge of the users affect the efficiency of the operations.

It is important that the fleets are owned or dedicated in the case of being outsourced, since there is greater control over the way of executing the routes compared to outsourced fleets that operate independently and for which any change affects the profitability of the services. that they lend


You want to increase the rate of successful deliveries or services

One of the most important purposes when considering a route optimization system is the increase in the delivery rate. For this, a solution is required that allows knowing the reasons that lead to a delivery being canceled and not being able to take place.

Twnel allows people record failed deliveries and services in real time and store the information through an application that, through a conversational format, automates the reporting process.


You want to optimize the entire delivery process

To optimize the entire delivery process it is not enough just to invest in a routing solution.

Several of the problems that occur in the process of deliveries or routes is the inability to continue with the route due to lack of information.

Users should normally contact a company agent for guidance before following their route.

Managing this need requires the messaging application that we saw earlier, but it also requires a control tower from which users can receive guidance without having to call an agent, since it is as simple as sending an instant message.


You want to reduce delivery times

If you want to reduce delivery times in addition to optimizing the operation as you saw before, you must use a routing system that allows you to identify the optimal routes for your routes, taking into account the capacity of people or vehicles, delivery times or windows. selected by the client, traffic conditions and even the mode of travel (walk, truck, car, public transport).


Benefits of routing systems

  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Keep your customers informed
  • Enhance the experience

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