How To Automate Your Timekeeping To Avoid Time Theft

In a previous article  we discussed the main causes of time theft in facilities services companies and how to prevent time theft from happening. This article will explain how to automate the timekeeping process using Twnel to avoid time theft in your organization. 


Design a desired workflow 

Many facilities companies have predetermined workflows also called processes to control the check ins and check outs. For instance, a Commercial Cleaning Company has a procedure in which cleaners arrive at the working site or building and they need to dial in using a land line located in the building. 


After dialing, they need to go through a series of steps guided by an IVR and the whole process can take a few minutes when done correctly. 


Nonetheless, many cleaners in this industry forget to check in when they arrive and check out when they are living which affects the time record used to organize the payroll. One staff member for example can work a 8 hour night shift but, if he forgets to check out in the morning the system will report that he worked more. 


In the examples above, a company can create a workflow that illustrates each step that the cleaner needs to make for example, arrive, check in, select the client that is being served that shift,  send the live location, and take a picture for Identity verification. 


Using the Visual Bot Builder to design this workflow is very easy. Each box represents one step of the workflow. 

Bot to Automate Timekeeping

Connect any database or system you want through APIs 

Once you have the workflow, decide which database or system you will like to use so that Twnel can post the information collected. In the image above, notice how some of the boxes are green. 


This represents an API call in which Twnel is either consuming information from a database    (to confirm the location of a client and compare it with the cleaner’s location) or posting information to a database for example, posting the time of arrival, picture and real time location to a google spreadsheet that your supervisor can access anytime. 


Publish your new bot to cleaners or staff members

In order to get your cleaners or other staff members to use your bot in Twnel you need to tell them to download the APP or access the link that will be provided with your subscription, this link will allow users to access the web version of the app. 


To publish your brand new bot all you need to do is to go to settings section and add the bot (workflow) you previously created and assign the same tags your audience have so that it will be visible only to the people with that tag for example “Cleaners Miami”. 

Assign bots to specific cleaners

Using the link to get access to the web version of Twnel Messenger your cleaners will be able to interact with the bot. 

Twnel for Cleaning industry

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