Our Chat Manager allows your agents to visualize what is happening in the field in real time


Manage thousands of partner requests 

Manage hundreds or thousands of conversations with partners that require assistance during the day-to-day operation in an organized manner. Assign tags and create groups to send bulk messages to collaborators in one step.

Foster distraction-less collaboration with your network of partners via company assisted group-chats

Let’s face it

Chances are your company uses WhatsApp group-chats or even Facebook to sync your partner network at the expense of constant interruptions and privacy concerns.

Let’s think about this for a second:

  • Do you know who is the owner of that 128 member group chat they have in sales?

  • Are you able to control access and keep sensitive information protected from your competitors?


    We know it takes a team to accomplish common goals.

    We hear you

    Whether is coordinating your partner network activities in a certain geography or supporting the day to day operations of your distributed sales team, Twnel group-chats can help you achieve more with a unique approach to managing information and organizing your partner collaboration efforts.

    Don’t let important messages get lost for days.

    Nowadays it’s more challenging to catch the attention of your partners. Imagine being able to reach them in seconds with just a few clicks.

    Stop imagining.

    Type your message, add an image or two, select your audience and go. Hundreds or even thousands of partners will instantly receive your message in the palm of their hands, directly from your official company account, and not a phone number or a suspicious name in some personal messenger like WhatsApp or Telegram.

    Companies from different industries are using Twnel Broadcasts to find service availability in real-time, to distribute price changes, to announce inventory availability, and even to sell and promote products into their partner network.

    Since when it became so easy to share segmented information in a secure way?

    Some extended supply chains are quite complex.



    Sometimes your partner network is composed of not only individuals but also small and medium businesses. These businesses rely on yours to fulfill their mission while helping your company grow.

    How can you be available for them whenever they need you without having to spend a fortune?

    We connect them easily so that communication between them opens new opportunities. 


    Whether is your distribution partner network, your company’s sales agencies or even your operational partner network (the ones who get the job done in your behalf), Twnel enables real-time collaboration between your company’s control tower and dozens or even hundreds of partners who can also use Twnel to streamline their own communication while keeping everyone synchronized.