Automate proof of delivery and win a competitive advantage

With a fleet of 50+ drivers delivering products across major cities daily, companies that use paper-based proof of delivery or PODs will be left behind by competition that uses electronic proof of delivery. 

The problem: 

Thousands of companies operate between different locations and fill paper proof of deliveries locally, making retrieving the PODs a challenge whenever a customer or a dispatcher needs it. 

Daily, staff spends nearly 2.5 hours handling and looking for paper documents. This is a repetitive task that is expensive for the company and frustrating for dispatchers.

Additionally, paper-based proof of delivery is not reliable when trying to track delivery performances across locations nor recording dates, times, and photographic evidence. 

The constant delay derived from paper-based PODs creates frustration among customers that affects customer service.


 How to automate Proof of Delivery

Automating proof of delivery can resolve delivery issues before they become major problems for your business. 

Twnel helps you create customized workflows for your delivery process using a no-code, visual bot builder.

Use the Visual Bot Builder to automate the proof of delivery

Once you created a workflow using different input types and integrated your systems via API, you can now display it to your drivers in seconds and directly on their phones using Twnel Messenger. 

Using Twnel Messenger you can collect Proof of delivery faster

All that your drivers need to do is download the Twnel Messenger App on their phone or access the web-based messenger to start using your customized workflow to register proof of deliveries. 

The whole process will be automated, and your drivers will be assisted by a bot to fill in the information required to register the POD.

To decrease human error, the bot will assist drivers in creating specific input types to gather information such as the driver’s location, a timestamp of delivery, customer signature, QR/ Barcode scan, evidence images, and more! 


Proof of delivery benefits for your fleet and dispatchers

 Save time, prevent disputes, reduce your company’s carbon footprint by automating and electronically creating your proof of deliveries. 

Reduce support calls from drivers and settle customer disputes and complaints faster while increasing customer satisfaction.

All the information collected through Twnel is safely stored in your databases that can be accessed by your team wherever and whenever you need it!  

1,000 companies around the world trust Twnel to prevent expensive failed deliveries.


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