4 Benefits Of An Automation Solution For Your Allies

by | Sep 22, 2021 | CPGs, Industry, Insurance, Logistics & Transportation, Superbots | 0 comments

Having a process automation solution allows companies that sell mass consumer products to always be available to their mobile allies.

It also gives companies the flexibility of being able to be contacted instantly from cell phones, tablets and computers by key allies of your company such as deliverymen, drivers, distributors, suppliers, merchants, hostesses, among others.

The benefits of giving partners a solution that automates processes and allows them to self-manage are innumerable.

Below I show you 4 of those benefits and I tell you some use cases in companies that have been named the most innovative in the world.

 Availability 24/7

Imagine that one of your company’s star shopkeepers, who supplies his business with your product multiple times a day, discovers that he needs to modify an order late at night while he is at home.

Today you would have to wait until the next visit from the sales team or spend hours on the phone to be attended by a help desk agent during office hours.

By giving this shopkeeper a solution that allows him to manage this type of process, from any device and autonomously, reprocessing is avoided, costs are reduced (by preventing the sales team from visiting him so frequently), and ultimately Increase the confidence of the shopkeeper in your company.

Imagine that instead of waiting, the shopkeeper takes his cell phone and from Twnel Messenger he can advance order change processes, update personal data, check balances and much more.

Now imagine that you can do the same processes this time from your computer or tablet through an embedded widget on your web page.

More speed in your processes

Nowadays, placing an order, modifying it, canceling it or even just a quote, takes a long time. The allies must wait to be visited, the vendors must tour the entire city and then report those requests, to do the same again days later.

Shifting and moving with agility under these conditions is almost impossible.

By making customer service more flexible through different channels and devices, you make your company bring agility, speed and traceability in real time to the operation.

Better relationship with allies

Did you know that one of the things that creates the greatest frustration in a client / ally / supplier is that they leave him waiting on the phone or simply do not give a solution to a simple query? 

By opening service channels and enabling the option for partners to self-manage some of their processes, the perception of service is exponentially improved.

There is a big difference between having to send an email with all the information and begging for it to be answered, and for the partner to press a button on their screen and their request to be processed immediately.

The perception of support that allies have is key when doing business with your company.

They are the face of your company in front of the clients, even if they do not belong to it as such (shopkeepers, drivers, hostesses and outsourced merchants)

Make your business grow

A very good example of the benefits of giving partners an automation solution
is that it makes business easier.

In the trucking industry for example, drivers who want to transport cargo from companies that generate it must move heaven and earth to contact the companies.

Ironically, generating companies believe that contacting drivers traveling on the route they need is very difficult.

Having an automation solution that allows to quote freight and offer cargo vehicles on specific routes, reduces the costs associated with the supply of and demand for vehicles in cargo transportation, and allows transportation companies and cargo generators to be more competitive.

At Twnel we have a complete suite of tools that allows you to create your automations in minutes and deploy them to mobile allies, a widget for you to incorporate all this on your website and best of all, organize and measure the number of conversations with Chat Manager and Twnel Metrics, part of Twnel Connect

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