3 Reasons Why Not To Use Twnel In Your Company

In the business world, it must be accepted when a product is necessary for a customer. Understanding your pain is part of the job of good companies. It is not worth promoting the use of a tool in a company that has already solved the problems that this tool solves, unless of course, it solves them better and at a lower cost.

That is why we decided to expose the reasons why you should NOT use Twnel in your company.

You shouldn’t even consider Twnel or see what we do if:

1. You know what your allies and suppliers are talking about every day with the business and you know exactly what the levels of attention service are for them.

If you belong to a company where the coordination between your supply chain and your company runs like Swiss watch, congratulations. Not many companies of any size can say with 100% confidence that they know what happens in their day-to-day operations.

There are companies with serious coordination problems that require 24/7 support, either because there was an error in the orders, because the distributors could not find the delivery address or because who should receive the orders and cancel the value of the same is not found available.

In these cases, Twnel offers a communication solution that allows, through instant mobile messaging and automations, to connect allies in the supply chain that are in trouble with the contact center agents in charge of assisting them.

Given that you have access to all the conversations that flow between the company and the allies, it is possible to determine:
The speed with which they are served,
The most recurring topic of conversation,
The number of conversations attended by both SuperBots (automations) and agents.

But surely that is not something that interests you at the moment.

You have it covered for sure when using emails, calls and WhatsApp, and you are used to putting out fires and calming the ire of your allies and clients.

2. You are happy to be able to invest the budget in more personnel of attention to clients and suppliers to achieve scale operations.

During the health emergency that we are experiencing, many companies migrated their operations from physical to digital, adapting the sales channel and distribution logistics to bring food, beverages and consumer goods to their customers’ homes.

Previously, distribution logistics involved coordinating with suppliers and manufacturers so that the products were distributed from the collection centers and the physical warehouses were supplied.

Now, the warehouses are used as satellite collection centers and from there, home orders are distributed to customers’ homes. This last step in distribution or “last mile distribution” has been a major headache as more distribution trucks and more staff are required.

The increase in the number of people also increases the need for greater and better coordination of operations and for communication failures. Therefore, the probability of problems that require assistance from a call center increases.

To balance the increase in the number of distributors and carriers, companies have been forced to also increase the number of people in the spotlight, at an incredibly high cost. But someone has to answer the hotlines and emails, right?

Fortunately, you are willing to bear the costs involved. The solution for other companies is cheaper since it does not require an increase in the number of customer and supplier service personnel.

Other companies, including the largest brewery in Colombia, implemented Twnel automations to increase the productivity of their telesales team agents. Suppliers and distributors are now served by a SuperBot that streamlines their processes and requests, while human agents can focus on crucial issues that require further attention.

I suppose then, that you decided not to scale the operations affecting your position in the market or simply invest enough money in more agents and new telephone attention lines.

3. You decided to build your own application to improve the life of your Allies

It’s time to sit back and breastfeed for the launch of the new mobile app you launched.

After how long? .. Two years in development and it is finally in your hands? Good thing that you no longer depend on WhatsApp and you were freed from its terms and conditions.

What do your supply chain partners and customers say?

Do not worry, surely after so much invested if they are going to use it. It does not matter that they work with more companies and even your competition. Trust, they are going to download and use it. They will have on their phone the more than 5 applications they need to talk with your company and with the other companies with which they do business.

Also, it’s good that your customers (even potential ones) are willing to download your App just to talk to customer service on an occasional basis.

Lucky; that doesn’t happen every day.

There are companies that turned to Twnel Messenger and Twnel Web Messenger due to the speed of implementation, ease of use and the flexibility that it gives users to download the App or use the web version to access the same services.

In addition, they did not have to worry about making it compatible with different operating systems and mobile devices. The native version of the app is available for IOS and Android, and the web version works with any mobile or desktop device, adapting to the needs of supply chain partners and suppliers.

Therefore, you will have the best productivity and communications tool available at all times. By listening to a large number of customers, we understand their new challenges and constantly create new capabilities to solve them. That is our “core business”.

If, after evaluating these reasons not to use Twnel, you discover that maybe you do need it, we invite you to speak with us to learn more.

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