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Twnel is great
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However, in many cases the users need help with issues that are well known. Thus, Twnel can create automations tailored specifically to your organization. Some automations could be similar to a chatbot that ask multiple choice questions to users and guide them to a solution to their problem.

Other chatbots can interact with your information systems, such as CRM, billing system, spreadsheet, etc.providing real-time information as needed.

Twnel offer Templates


A simpler type of automation. Templates can be set directly by your agents or administrators. A template looks like


The first example is quite simple, while the second one consult another information system of your company via web services/APIs.

the key to automation

At Twnel we think it will take a while for Bots to take over and completely replace humans. We believe they can augment your ability to be relevant, to better serve, and to create trust and meaningful engagements between your company and your network of partners, independently of their size.

We see machine learning and conversational interfaces as the two key ingredients that can help you scale to a happy partner network of allies that can achieve what everyone seems as improbable.

It all starts by observing how your partners engage when there are no barriers and they can freely express through a natural digital conversation using their preferred communication method, messaging. It then continues by quickly identifying conversations and context that have the potential to be served by intelligent algorithms instead of humans, and that can take advantage of the accumulated business knowledge of your company; helping your team move quickly to solve more demanding and value added tasks.

We work together with companies from all over the world in the consumer product goods, insurance, logistics & transportation, and financial services industries among others to find the best route to achieve excellence and high-performance automation when it comes to synchronizing their mobile first partners.


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