4 Ways to Increase the Productivity of Help Desk Agents

In a world where people demand personalized and instant attention, companies cannot afford to neglect the attention they provide to customers and suppliers in their service channels.

In this article I show you three ways to increase the productivity of service and support agents for the operation.


1- Channel incoming communications into a single solution

Being a help desk or CS agent, a lot of time is wasted changing from one application to another to find all the information that each case requires.

To increase the productivity of the agents, it is necessary to have a control tower that allows each incoming conversation to be viewed in an organized manner and also allows collaboration with other agents without leaving the tool.

The average person writes between 38 and 40 words per minute, so while one agent is writing a courtesy greeting, another may have solved a problem by using a template.

The best way to use templates and make them feel non-standard is to personalize them with the name of the person on the other side of the chat in a way that keeps a clear and consistent message, but does not lose the warmth that greeting by name provides. to the user.

As well as greeting templates, there are companies that design closing templates for each conversation so that the user feels that their problem or concern was solved without requiring much effort from the agent, who is probably already busy with another conversation while the user reads the message.

3- Set goals in attention times

There are those who say that what is not measured is not achieved so having a tool with the ability to measure service levels, response times and performance of agents is essential to meet the goals that the company proposes .


4- Provide hybrid human assistance – bot

By combining the power of your human agents with the power of automations or SuperBots, you give allies quick attention and empower them to handle tasks that previously required the attention of an agent.


When building SuperBots be sure to include clear instructions and simple language to avoid miscommunication. Additionally, use tools that allow you to define the type of information that users can enter.

For example, if you need to ask for an address, avoid mistakes when typing or writing the name of a street. In these cases, the best option is to enable the sending of the user’s geolocation using the GPS of the cell phone from which they are interacting.

In the world there are more than 1,000 companies that managed to increase the productivity of their agents and gave more speed to the operations of their companies by using the entire suite of Twnel solutions included in the monthly subscription.

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