Lower your communication costs and increase the speed of your business building long-lasting relationships with your network of

The real time mobile-communications solution that connects insurance companies with their network of allies.

Increase your customer satisfaction and distributors productivity while adding speed and immediacy to your business, resolving concerns and solving problems in real time.

The mobile solution for direct-selling companies in expansion mode.

Reduce your customer service and communication costs with Consultants and Distributors by up to 80% using their preferred channel for immediate communication.

Instant communication regardless of time and place.

Unlike phone calls and email, conversations with companies on Twnel Messenger are rich in text, images, audio and video; they are instanta-neous, happening when it is most convenient for its users.

A new generation of connected consumers.

The communications habits of independent professionals are changing rapidly. They require more agile and personal channels that suit their mobile needs.

A new mobile messenger designed and built for the needs of today's independent professionals.

In seconds, your users can start connecting with your company and using the official messenger that more and more companies in your industry prefer. Your users are most likely already using Twnel. What are you waiting for?

Superpowers for your company

Conversations that scale

Connect with your audience using the same communication format that they already use to connect with family and friends; all while building long-lasting relationships and solving problems for thousands of them at once and in real-time.

Instant & ultra-segmented

Send announcements, news, and promotions; making the most out of the power of mobile-messaging to achieve your business goals.


Solve your audience problems immediately and 24/7 with bots or conversational applications that can be connected to your information systems to speed-up your business.


Manage and optimize the new channel and discover how Twnel can help you reduce customer service costs and help your business grow while making your operation more efficient.

Clients are saying

We have reduced our consulting attention service costs by 80%. The tool is easy to use, we measure our productivity and optimize processes constantly.

Omar Perea, Executive Direct Sales

It’s usually easier to have access to internet connection or Wifi than it is to have call minutes. The company I work with offers Twnel as an option, this is a sign that they really get us.

Carlos Salazar, Salesman

We had the goal of reducing service times with our customers to 15 minutes. With Twnel it has gone down to 3 minutes. -"And at what cost?"- we are constantly asked, incredibly, we also reduced our client services’ costs by 40%. No need to think twice.

Mariana Prieto, Customer Service Agent

Why use Twnel?

Significantly reduces communication costs for customer service

Helps connect you instantly and personally with your consumers on the go

Helps grow and scale your business faster

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